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Introducing the Will Work 4 Patients Podcast. Tune in, listen up, relax, get ideas, learn, grow, expand and have fun, all while you drive, eat, work out, mow the lawn, relax, write... whatever! Just tune in and listen - 30 minutes of pure purpose, experience, inspiration, motivation, innovation, ideation, revelation and HELP! And it's FREE!

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Check out Frank's guests and topics as he hones in on every last inspirational nugget to help you exceed practice expansion goals! Here's what's on now...
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Get the inspiration and drive you need to stimulate, boost and drive practice growth

Hosted by Frank Sardella, Advocate, Coach, Author and Practice Growth Expert since 1995. Get all the free information and resources you need to grow that practice as Frank takes you on a Journey of viewing your practice through new eyes and through those who have made real growth happen. You can find out more about Frank and the show on the Your Host page and check out information on his guests ad topics on the Episodes page too.

RRRThumbnail3Chiropractic Marketing With an Edge and an Axe to Grind

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Join Frank in Road Rants with Frank Sardella, his sister podcast to WW4P to get inspired by some tough love on some heated subjects in new patient marketing and practice growth. Frank created the show "Road Rants" out of necessity; maybe even desperation. After having virtually his first terrible day ever, seemingly getting beaten down at every turn, Frank did the only thing he could. While in the car driving, he hit record and ranted for 15 minutes. And thus, Road Rants was born. It was therapy for him and he now intends it to be therapy for you! Check out what's happening on Road Rants with Frank Sardella today!
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Free Chiropractic Marketing Advice for Modern Wellness Professionals

Because you could use a little free practice marketing advice right now...

Frank knows what a tough beef it can be building a practice from scratch, having to deliver, administrate and, then, go out and promote constantly. For this reason, he set up a blog and information site especially for free chiropractic marketing advice, practice growth resources, events, products and much, much more! Check out ChiropracticMarketingAdvice.com here and start tapping the resources you need to flourish in practice beyond what you thought possible.

File Apr 01, 3 57 39 PMThe Sunday Morning Hustle Group Subscription Coaching Call

Weekly Sunday morning practice owners and managers coaching call

Join Frank Sardella as he shares his most sacred day and time of the week, where he shows you how to move your practice story forward. Get the insight you need to keep the practice growing toward goals while you are doing t he day-to-day. This is the ultimate, practice-entrepreneurial mastermind. And you can sample one coaching call replay for FREE, plus try it for another month (4 Sundays) for $29! Email frank at frank@screeningexperts.com for details and to receive your sample! Don't wait!

BW Web 3Your Future Patients Are Listening

Start broadcasting wellness to your future patients now!

That's right. Everything you do, you are broadcasting wellness into your community. From screenings to blogs, to advertising and, yes, even a podcast or web show, you are broadcasting a message of true and total wellness into your community. And, one thing is for sure. Future patients are listening. Find out more about Broadcast Wellness here.

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Reviving The True Screening Process

Screenings and Talks that create INTERESTED, new-patient arrivals, who know why they're there...

Find out how, after having engaged in thousands of screenings and talks, having gotten thousands to arrive in the offices of chiropractors and wellness professionals, Frank Sardella found THE process that gets people into the exact right state of mind to book and show for an initial consult, know why they are there, and be interested in what they will find out. All without a single script to do it! Learn the True Screening Process and Lifetime Patient Ladder now. Visit ScreeningExperts.com.