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Episode 43: Insurance Is No Longer an Incurable Disease with Adria Gross, Insurance Advocate

Episode 43: Insurance Is No Longer an Incurable Disease with Adria Gross, Insurance Advocate

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The major reason for bankruptcy in the United States are medical bills”

Join Frank as he interviews Insurance Advocate Adria Gross and find out what you need to know about how insurance companies operate.

“Within two weeks after I worked with that [insurance] company, they taught me how to deny claims…”

Learn the shocking facts behind insurance payment (and NON-payment) and everything you need to know about getting paid or your patients reimbursed.

Find out why Frank Sardella said he is in a state of complete relief because he just found out there is hope for the impossible. He’s talking about insurance coverage, and specifically GETTING PAID! That’s right, today’s guest is going to set the record straight by giving you the skinny on how she evolved from having been taught to deny insurance claims to advocating payment to the insured.

About today’s guest…

Today’s guest is an insurance advocate, author of a book no insured should be without and has helped collect millions of dollars of, otherwise, uncollectible and unjustly-denied insurance claims.

She is not only an expert in getting paid, she has gotten people, Doctors and patients alike, paid and has worked to stop the nonsense happening within insurance companies that adversely affects the coverage of their insured.

Listen as Adria astounds you with stories, included in which is how she was actually taught, during her brief stint working in insurance, to deny claims!

After winning her own battle with a severe medical condition, and contemplating her life’s direction career-wise, she found herself working in insurance, then working to help doctors get paid and ending up advocating the payees themselves, on which she elaborates in great detail via her personal story.

As an interesting side note, Adria and Frank worked for the same insurance corporation years ago without ever having met.

Adria’s book “Solved, Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems” is a must-have handbook for those seeking compensation, doctors and patients included, and has driven many to her doorstep seeking help in advocating their case for coverage, and the book has received rave reviews from the likes of the Boston Globe and even Ralph Nader, who described my guest and her co-author as those who “know the inside ways of sellers who try to take you to the cleaners.”

Learn more about Adria Gross here

Having been nominated for and receiving numerous awards and accolades, to date she humbly reports having helped collect over a million dollars a year since she started in insurance advocacy. She has taken insurance billing to new heights with the due diligence she has put in on behalf of herself, her insured clients and even doctors too, all to make sure everyone gets reimbursed fairly and not denied falsely, as well as ensuring those medical professionals who overbill, don’t get away with it, teaching the insured what to watch out for.

Tune in now, get inspired and learn!

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