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All Hope Isn’t Lost. Don’t Let Insurance Get You Down!

If you get anything out of episode 43, please take this to heart…

No matter how down things look, no matter if you are getting paid or not, no matter if all hope seems lost – it isn’t.

Due diligence, a belief in what is true and a desire to get a certain result is something you can achieve, and not even something as formidable as an insurance company, daunting as they may seem at times, can stop you from putting things right.

Not getting paid is not an incurable disease.

You perform miracles in your practice everyday against what many call impossible odds. You take the bleak, defeatist outlook doled out to your patients by medicine and (other nonsensical resources) and, not only give them a glimmer of hope, but brighten that glimmer into a shining, laser-precise beam of light of confidence, mindset shift and a resultant change of a condition which previously seemed impossible to defeat.

You see, you do every day in practice something which is considered astounding by many: you do the impossible. Through your persistence and dedication, you see people through, some way, somehow, and make things right which have prior been going very wrong.

The ironic part is, you have developed a bit of a defeatist attitude too.

Your condition of “not getting paid” has led you to believe you are facing the impossible. Well, just as you step in and intervene when people have lost their way and their last glimmer of hope, there is someone there to see you through too.

Adria Gross taught us, in her interview, that that insurance problems are not beyond cure, and that, not only do you have value, and are worth a great deal for what you do, but that that can be proven and acknowledged. The millions she has helped collect for her numerous clients has proven it numerous times over. And, I can tell you, from having attended one of her lectures, she is as dedicated and driven in what she does as you are in what you do.

Isn’t it time we stopped sulking about the impossible and started consulting someone who can help?

After all, isn’t that what you expect of your patients?

Listen to Adria Gross’s interview in episode 43 here.

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