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ARRIVAL MANIA | Special CA New Patient Call Training Series

Intense, 4-Session Front Desk and Phone Staff Training on Making INTERESTED New Patient Arrivals Happen!

Whether or not you have studied my True Screening Process and Lifetime Patient Ladder systems, you are about to get a dose of it and how it applies to one of the most untapped areas of practice: FIRST CONTACT.

What do I mean by “first contact” scenarios? Any first contact made with someone not previously a patient, no matter the channel. And, let’s face it, even if you don’t conduct any face-to-face screenings or talks, in public, people make first contact with your practice via many other channels and platforms. Many people come from:

– Google Ads or other Internet
– Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram
– Advertising sites such as Groupon
– Other forms of promotion
– And, especially, COLD CALLS!

And, while you may have your staff “well-drilled” on fielding such calls, the results you get may not only be lackluster, they may be accompanied by some very reasonable, even justifiable excuses for any fails encountered. It doesn’t mean you have bad staff, nor does it mean they can’t follow directions. It is simply an indicator that the True Screening Process is missing. And, now there is a vehicle to shortcut it!

Turn Every First Contact Into a Day 1 ARRIVAL, Who SHOWS UP, Knows Why They’re Coming and Is INTERESTED!

Starting with this standard, I approach fielding cold calls and inquiries and, yes, even confirmations of appointments already made in this highly-effective way. By looking at any first contact as a SCREENING process, even confirmation calls take on new meaning. In fact, in my program, I have renamed them with what I have coined to be “Confirmation Closes” to be much more accurate in meaning.

Imagine If ALL Your Staff Knew How to Turn First Contacts Into Lifetime Patients

Sound far-fetched? Well, it’s possible and actually quite simple and easy. In fact, it requires no scripted procedure whatsoever, rather, a checklist of goals, agreements and mindset shifts that must be effected and a simple and easy procedure on how to do it. And the best part? There are actually no sales involved in any of it. This series of 4, 1-hour trainings will accomplish:

– Better control of the inquiries by staff
– No arguments on the part of the potential new patients
– Interest in meeting and listening to the doctor
– Curiosity about their condition where there was disinterest
– Scheduled appointments who are known to be solid and likely to show
– Confirmed appointments with any of those “backing out” reverted
– Prospects who SHOW UP, who KNOW THE VISIT PURPOSE and who are INTERESTED!

4 Online 1-Hour Training Sessions | Unlimited Staff May Attend for $249!

This series will take place on the following dates:

MODULE 1 | 29 November 2018, 8AM Eastern, and again at 1PM Pacific
MODULE 2 | 6 December, 2018, 8AM Eastern, and again at 1PM Pacific
MODULE 3 | 13 December 2018, 8AM Eastern, and again at 1PM Pacific
MODULE 4 | 20 December 2018, 8AM Eastern, and again at 1PM Pacific

More dates to be announced.

Replay-on-Demand Available for 90-Days

Even if you can’t make these dates and times, you can catch it on the replay. If you would like to arrange a special private training, select the option off the menu and do them at dates and times you select for an additional fee.

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