Frank’s Last Word from Episode 45 interview with SolutionReach CEO, Jim Higgins Anyone can walk the walk, we all do in this profession, but can you talk the talk? It’s more than just one of my clever show titles, now that you’ve heard Jim Higgins speak, isn’t it? Jim and I may be masters of communication with patients, new, current and former, and you may be the best practitioner this side of the profession, but without both in play in practice, the best of practitioners just leave patients to “fill in the blanks” for themselves. Yes, spreading the word and communicating are just as importantRead More →

10 Things Webinar Final

I recently screened thousands of corporate employees, and I’m sharing with you these secrets I have discovered! I have screened thousands of people over the last several decades, finding out countless details about people, what they suffer from and what their attitudes are about the whole thing. Though I mostly do coaching and podcasting, I have always prided myself on experience-based methods. This is why I keep up with the screenings to this day. In addition to being a staunch advocate of Chiropractic, it allows me to stay relevant by always knowing what’s up with working people in the now. And, I can tell you, peopleRead More →