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Subscribe to the show from your phone, computer or device here! This episode is brought to you by: DC Marketing Products and their amazing Chiropractic Online Review Videos Schedule a FREE* Chiropractic Online Review Video (*first-time videos only) Nutrient Body Sculpt Wellness Patient Creation Modality and Revenue Stream Visit the Nutrient Body Sculpt Partner Page You Can’t Outsource Your Passion, But You Can BRING IT! with Noelle Ward @lifeskills4college Listen to Noelle Ward Tell You How She Went From Zero to 8K Instagram Followers! Join Frank and special guest, Noelle Ward, a top Occupational Therapist and administrator turned entrepreneur, who blew up her Instagram, gettingRead More →


Today, I have no article for you. No advice. No news. Not today. For today is Thanksgiving… …and I find myself sitting here having a revelation about how thankful I am to be connected with you and working together to forward such a meaningful purpose, one in which I have such a personal stake. Lest I forget what it all means to me, I wish to share with you how truly grateful I am in a few words of gratitude. Though I know not everyone I reach is celebrating an official day of thanks today, it is never inappropriate to pause and give thanks forRead More →

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Subscribe to the show from your phone, computer or device here! This episode is brought to you by: DC Marketing Products and their amazing Chiropractic Online Review Videos Schedule a FREE* Chiropractic Online Review Video (*first-time videos only) Nutrient Body Sculpt Wellness Patient Creation Modality and Revenue Stream Visit the Nutrient Body Sculpt Partner Page Jim Higgins, practice growth entrepreneur, evolved from a patient to a patient outreach tech specialist! Jim Higgins went from being a patient to becoming a leader in patient relationship management automation, and now his innovations helped doctors reach 80 million patients to date, increase kept appointment rates, diminish missed appointmentsRead More →


Out of my endless screening stories, I have to say, almost getting punched in the face was the most memorable! I have been everywhere to screen prospects, in some of the oddest places, meeting some of the most interesting people! But, seldom have I met anyone quite like this guy: the guy who almost punched me in the face! I am not exaggerating. I truly believed this guy was about to haul off and sock me in the jaw. As always, however, it was a learning experience. I took from it what I could to forward my progress of research into how to create qualityRead More →


This episode is brought to you by DC Marketing Products Sculpting Your Dream Practice, From A Thousand Square Feet to Ten Thousand! Have you ever tried to grow to a million and not be able to reach a couple hundred thousand in collections? Did you ever wonder why you can’t grow past a certain volume no matter what you do? Were you puzzled when others seem to have it so easy? Well Frank’s guest grew her wellness practice from a thousand square ft to well over ten thousand and increased her income to between 800 thousand and a million a year. “I think my therapyRead More →

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If you get anything out of episode 43, please take this to heart… No matter how down things look, no matter if you are getting paid or not, no matter if all hope seems lost – it isn’t. Due diligence, a belief in what is true and a desire to get a certain result is something you can achieve, and not even something as formidable as an insurance company, daunting as they may seem at times, can stop you from putting things right. Not getting paid is not an incurable disease. You perform miracles in your practice everyday against what many call impossible odds. YouRead More →


This episode is brought to you by DC Marketing Products The major reason for bankruptcy in the United States are medical bills” Join Frank as he interviews Insurance Advocate Adria Gross and find out what you need to know about how insurance companies operate. “Within two weeks after I worked with that [insurance] company, they taught me how to deny claims…” Learn the shocking facts behind insurance payment (and NON-payment) and everything you need to know about getting paid or your patients reimbursed. Find out why Frank Sardella said he is in a state of complete relief because he just found out there is hopeRead More →


Salvation is a serious word, not to be taken lightly, but I truly think SolutionReach can rival any Chiropractic Marketing, because I’ve seen it! As of 2017, I have been working in chiropractic for 22 years and counting. I have seen and experienced it all, inside and outside of practices and have become a screening and practice marketing expert. along the way, I have seen many attempts to help Chiropractors with practice expansion and growth. I too have developed many programs to do so. There are many marketing and administration tools available, too many to consider at one sitting. Part of the reason is notRead More →


This episode is brought to you by DC Marketing Products Listen up to blockbuster guest, certified health coach, Tracey Levy, founder of Kale With a Side of Fries @kwsof. Join Frank as he grills her on the challenges of coaching and treating in the new corporate health care climate, teaming with millennials, and on tackling the barriers to getting people to live wellness lifestyles. Find out how Tracey integrates team care with doctors and helps Chiropractors and other professionals keep their patients longer1 Find out the missing link between you and your patients and how to overcome it. Tune in now and learn how! ContactRead More →


This episode is brought to you by DC Marketing Products Dr Rob Marvenko, DC Tackles the tough issues on getting patients to pay, stay and pay it forward! Join Frank while he interviews his special guest Dr Rob Marvenko, DC, for a compelling look at a master doctor’s report of findings in his expertise in creating lifetime patients who stay and refer. Tune in as Dr Rob explains the way to close solidly, in a way that produces corrective-care-complying, maintenance-care-accepting and lifetime-referring patients who exude wellness and advocacy for you and your practice. Dr Rob Marvenko practiced for 2 decades and boomed his own practiceRead More →


Listen to “e40 You Can Only Ride the Waves YOU Create – With @HollyRoseAshe” on Spreaker. This episode is brought to you by DC Marketing Products 800K Views, of Her Blog Article on How #BodyPositivity Is Killing Women, Without Even Trying, a Lesson For Wellness Advocates Everywhere! Holly was overweight and worried, not about her looks, but about hear health and how she felt. In working diligently to get off the 10 meds she was on, exercise, eat healthier and finally lose weight and get fit, she became painfully aware of the #bodypositivity movement which she felt was celebrating obesity and encouraged poor health, especiallyRead More →


If you get anything out of episode 40, please take this to heart… With great power comes great responsibility, and you have the greatest power available in health and wellness care anywhere, but it doesn’t end there. You even greater responsibility is to tap yourself, your true purpose and passion, and bring all of you I just finished reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s first book “ Why Now Is the Time to Crush It! ” and my foremost takeaway from the book, as well as why I follow his videos, is his dedication to staying true to himself and his views, no matter the effects and wavesRead More →


Adding ‘The Founder’ to My Fav Biz Movie Repertoire You’ve heard about them in my podcast episodes, the movies and stories about people who took a mere idea ad tuned it into something “yooge” that inspire me and provide me with precious motivation, ideas and impetus to move forward with angst! The likes of “Moneyball”, “Jobs”, “The Social Network”, “42” have comprised my A-List of inspirationals, to which has been inducted “The Founder’ story of Ray Kroc played by Michael Keaton, star or many of my most favorite motion pictures. In fact, when I heard he was playing lead, it was a slam dunk IRead More →


Listen to “e039 When You’re On Fire People Will Come to Watch You Burn” on Spreaker. Born in Davenport, Son of a Chiro, Dr Jerry Dreessen Yet Failed, Says “Just Jump Off and a Net Will Form!” What an episode. Join Frank and his dynamic guest, Dr Jerry Dreessen, magician, stage performer, electronic media and marketing expert and, oh yeah, a successful veteran, practicing Chiropractor to boot. Follow Jerry’s journey into practice from his earliest days in Davenport, getting old-school advice from his dad, succeeding and failing, then rising again in practice, and the lessons he’s learned along the way he is now passing onRead More →

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Listen to “e38 Success Through Innovation and a Killer Back Story” on Spreaker. Adam and Lauren Benbassat Share Their Story, Go From Solving Their Own Workday Nutritional Issues to Selling an Amazing Product, Mele, to Corporate Employees A truly inspirational and entrepreneurial story about two corporate executives, one an attorney, who had a problem: there was no quick nutritional solution to meet the demands of a busy, stressful NYC workday. Researching to solve the problem, Mele was born, a product that is nutritional, healthy and perfect for corporate employees. Adam and Lauren have branded and marketed their product, selling it to the corporate demographic, findingRead More →


“One day my purpose was so SHOT, in desperation, I just ranted for 15 minutes on a recording and ‘Road Rants’ was born! The news media, clients stuck in a rut, people talking smack about Chiropractic – sound familiar? Did you ever have a day like that? I rarely get them, surprisingly. You would think in my line of work I would have more. Nonetheless, they are rare. But, this one day, I walked out of the supermarket and I couldn’t take the feeling any more. So I did the only thing I know how to do: I got into “inspire others mode, hit “record”Read More →


Listen to “e37 Inspiration Can Transform Your Practice” on Spreaker. Nanette DeGroat, Holistic Health Coach and Practice Entrepreneur on Inspiration and Paying it Forward Join Frank and Nanette DeGroat for a conversation about tears, weight loss and a rise to empowerment of women and men who have previously had trouble losing weight. Listen how Nan transformed her body, her mind, her career and her entire life just by finding the strength to finally lose the weight and how she spread the word and got 4,000 people through her Breakthrough M2 Program in just 4 years. Contact Nanette: Visit the Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss WebsiteRead More →


Listen to “e36 How to Kill Your Debt Before It Kills Your Practice” on Spreaker. P. Christopher Music: Making Private Practice Millionaires Join Frank and Christopher for a journey into a land where your practice operates on all cash and you are finally debt free. Find out the principles and natural laws Christopher has stripped out of the financial industry to make a workable technology or saving money, investing and planning future income you’ll never outlive and finally paying off that mortgage, student loan and credit card for good! Contact Christopher: Visit the Private Practice Millionaire Website and Take The Financial Prosperity Test andRead More →


Listen to “e35 PASSION Is the Best Marketing Campaign” on Spreaker. Frank Talks About the Hottest Practices He’s Seen and the Passion They Exude Check out this solo episode where Frank takes on the subject of passion in practice and its absence in practices that are struggling. Find out how a backwards look at passion can make any practice fail and how re-establishing it can turn it back around and boom any practice no matter the size or how much it is struggling. Prepare to be inspired and get right out there with a game-changing mindset right out of the gate. Tune in to episodeRead More →