Listen to “e33 Hiring Killer Associates” on Spreaker. Permanent and Temp Chiropractic Coverage Expert, Fran Failla, Tells How to Hire Associates That Produce! Join Frank and special guest Fran Failla of ChiroCover, Inc. as they tackle a leading issue: hiring associates. How do you hire an associate who isn’t going to flake out or drop the ball on bringing in new patients? How do you select the right personality and mindset as well as someone who mirrors and agrees with your philosophy? All that and more are answered in this riveting episode. Tune in and learn how to get it right with the associate whoRead More →


Listen to “e31 Hiring CA’s That Don’t Flake” on Spreaker. Monika Sardella on How to Eliminate the Perpetual Revolving Door of Hiring and Firing CA’s Frank digs deep into the subject with his wife Monika, a former personnel director and call center manager for a 70+ staff, MD/DC practice, and asks the hard questions about this touchy and sensitive practice conundrum. Monika shares her wealth of knowledge, experience, downturns and successes in hiring, problems and barriers she’s encountered and how she has gotten around issues to hire the best candidates for the job. CA’s who are competent, compliant and who stick around? Not impossible accordingRead More →

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Listen to “e30 MAKE YOUR CA LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!” on Spreaker. Frank Is About to School All Your CA’s, Present and Future, on What You, Your Practice and the Chiropractic Profession Are Really All About Buckle up because this one is pure purpose-driven stuff. Frank designed this episode for CA’s new and experienced to listen, understand and align with the Chiropractic purpose as well as the goals and purposes of your practice. It is designed to give all staff an understanding of what we are all here to do, that it is a purpose-driven profession and that Chiropractors study the subject in school asRead More →

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Listen to “e27 Speak the F*^% Up (Guilty Bystander)” on Spreaker. If You Don’t Speak Up About Atrocities That Are Happening in ‘Healthcare’, You Are a Guilty Bystander! What Frank describes as a “sequel” to the last episode (Put Up or Shut the F*^% Up) turns out to be one of the most passionate in this series. Frank further invites the “victims” he referred to in the last episode to kindly unsubscribe and go do the something else they wish to do passionately. Here is a call to action and warning against doing nothing in the face of “mainstream medicine and pharma” BS being jammedRead More →

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Listen to “e26 Put Up or Shut the F*^% Up!” on Spreaker. If You Are a ‘Practice Victim’ Please Unsubscribe to This Podcast! Ironically published on Valentines Day, in this tough-love “prequel” to Episode 27, “Speak the F*^% Up! (Guilty Bystander), Frank is totally fired up about how fed up he is with what he called “practice victims” who are complaining constantly and wallowing in despair over their practice situation. Here is an episode he intends to jumpstart the motivatable and release the uncoachable, even recommending that they not only please, stop listening to this show and unsubscribe, but go and find a profession thatRead More →

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Listen to “e25 Won’t Anyone Listen to Me?” on Spreaker. Barry Coziahr Talks About Cutting Through the “Noise” to Get Heard With Response-Targeted Marketing Have you ever tried to reach your patient base or prospects but haven’t been able to penetrate? It may not be you. Join Frank as he interviews marketing and promotion expert and Real Live Marketing podcast host, Barry Coziahr, of PostCard Mania, and grills him on the details of how to bust through all the “noise” out there that your audience is exposed to and really penetrate and instill action. Barry discusses how to target emails and get them opened, howRead More →


Listen to “e20 What Are Your TWO Businesses?” on Spreaker. Financial Planning Expert, Developer of the ‘Econologics’ System of Financial Planning Reveals You Have a Second Business You Didn’t Even Know Existed! Join frank for this compellling, over 50-minute interview with one of the top financial experts in the world, P. Christopher Music, founder of Econologics Financial Advisors and the Private Practice Millionaire system for practicing doctors. Who is P Christopher Music? How about, for starters, he is known as the “Financial Prosperity Coach” who has been seen on NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, in the Wall Street Journal and many other media, not to mentionRead More →

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Are you committing Chiropractic Marketing suicide in your practice without intending or planning to? Most docs are! Join Frank as he interviews long-time, dear friend Kathy Mills Chang, founder and CEO of KMC University, the one person he considers the top expert on the planet on all things compliance when it comes to running a practice. Listen in for some advice from Kathy only given in her award winning keynotes, seminars and materials to clients-only. Get an inside sneak peek as Frank grills her on the hard issues. Are you making offers to the public in your marketing? Do you bonus staff for marketing? Well,Read More →


Listen to “e31 Hiring CA’s That Don’t Flake” on Spreaker. The war is over! Hiring Chiropractic Marketing Assistants just got simplified! There has been a war going on between doctors of Chiropractic and Marketing CA’s, a long-standing one of bonus, qualification and value. All of these have been bones of contention between doctor and marketing staff, that is, until today. This is the podcast episode that broke it opened and spawned the manual that changed it all: Frank’s definitive “How to Hire, Motivate and Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants” Practice marketing dilemma solved, simply and effectively, without breaking the bank! Join Frank as he discusses theRead More →

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That moment when chiropractic marketing is too much for you, the practice owner, to handle! The first, and most natural action to do as you grow a practice is to delegate. It is an inevitable activity if any growth is to occur in any practice. You can only handle so much. Being a practice owner, the entrepreneur in charge of growing the practice, you have to do all of it yourself, despite having only learned your craft in school. So learning and operating marketing, billing and administration is a job in and of itself. At some point, each of these activities must, in turn, beRead More →

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The pivotal, maiden voyage episode of WW4P that started all the trouble! Hey, it’s Frank Sardella and, before I started saying “I’m Frank Sardella and I’m SO happy to be with you here today in our podcast show…”, I had to get on the air and just tell my story. It was important to me to tell you what I am about, why I do what I do, what my goals and aspirations are with Chiropractic and wellness advocacy, and what I intend to accomplish through my show. What I got from this episode was not just attention but something else much more surprising andRead More →