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Episode 25: Won’t Anyone Listen To Me?

Listen to “e25 Won’t Anyone Listen to Me?” on Spreaker.

Barry Coziahr Talks About Cutting Through the “Noise” to Get Heard With Response-Targeted Marketing

Have you ever tried to reach your patient base or prospects but haven’t been able to penetrate? It may not be you. Join Frank as he interviews marketing and promotion expert and Real Live Marketing podcast host, Barry Coziahr, of PostCard Mania, and grills him on the details of how to bust through all the “noise” out there that your audience is exposed to and really penetrate and instill action. Barry discusses how to target emails and get them opened, how to interest people and the laws governing the process. All this and tips on avoiding the pitfalls of poor marketing habits and no-response practice marketing in this “noise-cancelling” episode designed to revive any practice marketing campaign. Tune in and start getting noticed, heard, listened-to and contacted!

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