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Instant CalMag-C Making Corporate Connections

Capitalizing on All-Time High Corporate Millennial Stress Levels to Get Them as Patients

Out there on the corporate screening circuit, I have been collecting survey data on corporate employee and it has revealed two major factors relevant to demographic practice marketing. For one, it seems corporate America is being run by 23-27-year-old millennials, with a significant minority or Gen X associates from age 35 to 55. Perhaps the more surprising and even alarming statistic is that stress levels, in my couple of decades of screening on-site at corporations, are what I have observed to be at an all-time, record high. In fact, I have seen far-greater intensity of stress symptoms in the younger generation than that of their Gen X predecessors.

Instant CalMag C CEO, Desiree Lotz On Making Connections With Calcium

Join Frank in an early episode of the podcast where he interviews Desiree all about why Instant CalMag-C helps close the “uncloseable” and gets you cases you wouldn’t have ordinarily gotten. For more information on the episode, visit the Episode 9 page here.

Corp Card 4x6 JPEG 2Measure this program up against your practice situation and get my honest opinion…

I have a hard, fast rule that when I endorse a product, I don’t take a cookie-cutter approach by any means whatsoever. Therefore when I do a video, an article or the like, I don’t ask that you buy, but evaluate the product benefits against your existing practice and its goals to see how it would fit and to predict far in advance of signing up what kind of results you may expect personally, in your exact scenario.

So, I always recommend spending 15 minutes with me first, not to make a decision about buying, but to decide on taking the next step to find out directly from the company all about it, having already measured up your potential and expected return.

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