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A complete chronology of all episodes of the Will Work 4 Patients Podcast by Frank Sardella
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Episode 11: Chiropractic Marketing Suicide with Kathy Mills Chang of @KMCUniversity

Are you committing Chiropractic Marketing suicide in your practice without intending or planning to? Most docs are! Join Frank as he interviews long-time, dear friend Kathy Mills Chang, founder and CEO of KMC University, the one person he considers the top expert on the planet on all things compliance when…

Episode 5: How to Hire, Motivate & Pay Marketing CA’s

Listen to “e31 Hiring CA’s That Don’t Flake” on Spreaker. The war is over! Hiring Chiropractic Marketing Assistants just got simplified! There has been a war going on between doctors of Chiropractic and Marketing CA’s, a long-standing one of bonus, qualification and value. All of these have been bones of…

Episode 5: How to Hire, Motivate and Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants

That moment when chiropractic marketing is too much for you, the practice owner, to handle! The first, and most natural action to do as you grow a practice is to delegate. It is an inevitable activity if any growth is to occur in any practice. You can only handle so…