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Episode 30: Make Your CA Listen to This Episode!

Listen to “e30 MAKE YOUR CA LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!” on Spreaker.

Frank Is About to School All Your CA’s, Present and Future, on What You, Your Practice and the Chiropractic Profession Are Really All About

Buckle up because this one is pure purpose-driven stuff. Frank designed this episode for CA’s new and experienced to listen, understand and align with the Chiropractic purpose as well as the goals and purposes of your practice. It is designed to give all staff an understanding of what we are all here to do, that it is a purpose-driven profession and that Chiropractors study the subject in school as part of a passion, not just a major to eventually get a good job that pays well. Here is an episode you can add to your permanent collection of training materials for your office and can be listened to repeatedly, even at staff meetings. So rally the troops and tune in for a power-packed, purpose-driven podcast episode.

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