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Corporate New Patients

Held Over Replay-On-Demand by POPULAR Demand!

The webinar may have occurred in 2017, and be long since over, the fun is just beginning. I am now holding this over with the replay on-demand so all can take advantage of what can be gotten out of this hour+ long training. So sign up anyway below and you will receive an immediate link to replay and watch unlimited times over!

I have screened and studied thousands of corporate employees and I am sharing what I have found with you!

I have screened thousands of people over the last several decades, finding out countless details about people, what they suffer from and what their attitudes are about the whole thing. Though I mostly do coaching and podcasting, I have always prided myself on experience-based methods. This is why I keep up with the screenings to this day. In addition to being a staunch advocate of Chiropractic, it allows me to stay relevant by always knowing what’s up with working people in the now. And, I can tell you, people and attitudes do change over time.

young-business-woman-1470305689586I have EXPOSED what corporate employees are hiding from you about themselves!

Since fall of 2016, I have been engaging in an all-out sprint into the corporate screening scene and have interviewed a couple thousand people in just shy of a year. What I have found out is that, once again, times have changed. Attitudes of the corporate employee are different than even 5 years ago. Even 2 years ago for that matter. Through extensive questioning and interviews, I have not only been able to get a maximum number of them as patients, I have also noted exactly how it needs to be done to combat the attitudes out there, particularly the obsessive minimization!

Learn the secrets to closing corporate new patients in 1 hour!

Now you can learn my successful methods of getting through to these seemingly impossible cases and booking a maximum of them for new-patient, Day 1 visits and find out:

  • What 6 things corporate people think about their health that you need to know
  • 3 go-to methods of obliterating minimization
  • Which thought processes working people go through on making health decisions
  • Why new patient prospects no-show and how to reverse it
  • How to cash in on “care” people already claim they are getting
  • 3 KILLER Corporate Networking Opportunities and referral resources
  • How to get people to agree they should come see you

That’s right. In an hour’s time, you will not only know all of it, you’ll be able to do it. And, so will your staff.

Sign up now for this epic webinar event!

Presented by Chiropractic and Wellness advocate, screening expert and coach as well as host of Will Work 4 Patient Podcast, Frank Sardella, this even is designed as a jumpstart to revive your stale, faulty or lackluster practice marketing, and, if you’re doing pretty well, then a turbo boost to your existing marketing. Get your seat now for you and your staff!

Killer Pricing!

Webinar Only, Live and Replay On-Demand


Webinar + Bonus 2 Hours of Coaching


Attend NOW with Replay On-Demand!

Don’t worry if you or your staff are not around during the live, 60-90 min webinar. You will be able to watch the replay on-demand, and so will your staff. This will be part of your arsenal for training your marketing staff and part of your personal rulebook for getting the working class as your patients. You get unlimited replays!

Register for the webinar, unlimited replays and coaching if you need it!

NOTE: You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay. If you wish to use a major credit or debit card, select the “Pay By Debit or Credit Card” Button from the payment screen. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF THE CARD YOU ARE USING IS ASSOCIATED WITH A PAYPAL ACCOUNT, you MUST pay with PayPal or use a card not associated with a PayPal account. Payments are made to Screening Experts LLC.

Additional Coaching Pre-Order Special

At the conclusion of the webinar, a special discount offer for 2 hours of coaching will be made, to make available assistance in applying what you learn. The promotional offer is $150, already a bargain. Buy now by selecting “Webinar + Coaching” off the menu and get the coaching included with the webinar for a total of $179. That’s a further savings of $70!


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