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Episode 51: The Secret to Make New Patients Come to YOU w/ Amy Cutter

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Amy Cutter Shares Her ‘Secret’ to Get All Patient Referrals Without Even Asking!

Join Frank and his special guest Amy Cutter, licensed massage therapist, innovator of Laser treatment and magnet for patient referrals from MD’s and other wellness professionals without prompting or solicitation, Find out how she does it with nothing but her intense purpose, her inspiration to create wellness and just her gleaming reputation for getting top results on cases. Find out how her practice innovation opened the door to an entire new realm of possibility in terms of cases, ones she would not have encountered otherwise and find out the numerous cases that await you who you would otherwise never see, how she did this in the Chiropractic AND Massage therapy spaces and how you can copy exactly what she did.

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All of these people who elude you in your community can yet become your lifetime patients!

Find out how the doctors who aren’t referring you patients could be without your ever reaching out. In this special interview, Amy reveals all of how she is getting cases she wouldn’t have otherwise gotten and how they even convert to full-time clients.

How to Attract Cases to You Who Convert to Chiropractic and Other Therapies!

Once attracted, patients can be screened and steered in the direction of the real help you can provide. Amy found this to be true in all 3 practices she was involved in.

Learn all this and more from Frank’s interview with Amy live in the studio. Tune in now!

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