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Episode 39: When You’re On Fire, People Will Come to Watch You Burn With Dr Jerry Dreessen, DC

Listen to “e039 When You’re On Fire People Will Come to Watch You Burn” on Spreaker.

Born in Davenport, Son of a Chiro, Dr Jerry Dreessen Yet Failed, Says “Just Jump Off and a Net Will Form!”

What an episode. Join Frank and his dynamic guest, Dr Jerry Dreessen, magician, stage performer, electronic media and marketing expert and, oh yeah, a successful veteran, practicing Chiropractor to boot. Follow Jerry’s journey into practice from his earliest days in Davenport, getting old-school advice from his dad, succeeding and failing, then rising again in practice, and the lessons he’s learned along the way he is now passing on to patients and other Chiropractors alike! Jerry’s unique, Pacific Northwest practice is currently utilizing, literally, every square foot for a practice-building and patient-enhancing service and education which is creating a major impact on his community.

At the end of the non-digital era, with barely any practice left and only his keen forsight to the future of marketing, Jerry took the initiative to study and become certified in digital marketing practices and technologies. With his inherent innovation, coupled with his innate powers of observation, he turned a failing scene into a booming, prospering, wellness-based practice the likes of which newbies and future docs would envy. But he didn’t stop there. Jerry now teaches other doctors how to apply the same principles and even developed at least 5 technologies which can be utilized to grow a practice in the same manner to stellar results and major ROI!

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“What I would like to do for anyone that is listening to the podcast is: I’ve had an opportunity to meet a lot of people and they’ve been able to get me a spot where I can write posts for the Huffington Post as a guest author. And, what I’d like to do is to create a Huffington Post article about each of you, just asking you some basic questions, and it’ll give you an initial start where you can take that and link it onto your website where you’re being quoted in the Huffington Post”

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