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Episode 20: What Are Your TWO Businesses?

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Financial Planning Expert, Developer of the ‘Econologics’ System of Financial Planning Reveals You Have a Second Business You Didn’t Even Know Existed!

Join frank for this compellling, over 50-minute interview with one of the top financial experts in the world, P. Christopher Music, founder of Econologics Financial Advisors and the Private Practice Millionaire system for practicing doctors. Who is P Christopher Music? How about, for starters, he is known as the “Financial Prosperity Coach” who has been seen on NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, in the Wall Street Journal and many other media, not to mention being author of “Successonomics” which he co-wrote with none other than Steve Forbes of Forbes magazine fame.

Frank and Christopher cover it all in this episode including household financial and how it ties into the practice and future planning, including goals and a retirement income you will never outlive, not to mention the principles and laws Christopher discovered about financial planning that took it from an investment sales process, to an actual predictable system and technology. Find out the secrets to what is behind the current economic downtrend and how to expand and prosper in practice despite all of it, all while not having to work the rest of your life to achieve it. Tune in now and learn!

UPDATE: Christoper can also be heard in this episode on getting out of debt: Episode 36: How to Kill Your Debt Before It Kills Your Practice.

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