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Frank Sardella, The Inspiration Behind Will Work 4 Patients

As can be heard in episode 1, Frank is a self-made advocate, a miracle Chiropractic and alternative health success who transformed his life through the power of innate intelligence. Getting off meds and out of the medical mindset, he immediately grabbed a soapbox and hit the streets running in early 1995. Landing a position with one of the largest chains of Chiropractic practices in the US and learning the ropes of the industry for 2 years, he was able to learn every method of advocacy possible and developed a drive to figure out how to get the masses off the medical model and winning in life as did he.

A Free Advice Podcast Dedicated to Help Chiropractors and Wellness Pros Get On Purpose and Grow Their Practices

The watchword of the show is really “inspiration”, with the marketing advice coming a close second. Frank quickly realized that much of his success in advocacy and getting others under care was from having had an inspiring story. What he likes most about the profession is the fact that this is also the drive behind practicing Chiropractors and why they went to school for it. It is not like any other profession in that regard. Just that aspect alone was enough, but this was compounded by docs doing it against incredible odds, especially in the early days of the profession. Negative press, outright attacks, proven lies and conspiracy by the AMA, why would anyone want to go into this profession? Yet they still go into practice with the same inspiration of having seen the miracles of Chiropractic first-hand.

cropped-2017-02-25-18.57.38.jpgIt is then that Frank recognized if a “Chiropractic World” was to be created through advocacy, it would take a much wider effort. Chiropractors having been beaten down, suffered themselves from shrinking or stunted practices and found themselves extremely off-purpose. This is a roadblock that all the advocacy in the world would not circumvent. You can recommend people to Chiropractors all you want, but if those docs aren’t in a state of mind to take them all the way, there would be no growth of the profession. Chiropractors needed to simply get their purpose revitalized and Frank saw the need to take the message to the docs first and spread the message through their “rebirth” of passion for what they do.

Listen to Frank’s story in the legendary Episode 1!

Chiropractic Coaching and Marketing Wasn’t Enough

Back in 2014, Frank had an epiphany regarding his purpose to spread the Chiropractic message to the masses at large. He realized that, though he had success in coaching volumes of doctors, he would not reach everyone at that rate. He also observed that he didn’t have to coach every doc on the planet. Hence, Will Work 4 Patients was born. Here was a medium that would get through to the masses and provide accelerated inspiration and information to forward any Chiropractic or modern wellness practice ANYWHERE. Frank, through inspiring solo episodes with coaching advice and even expert guests from various fields, would exponentially increase the reach of his message.

Frank’s Discovery of Another Innate Intelligence

Today, Frank considers that there is a second innate intelligence that resides within all practice professionals, fueled by their passion that can make them master marketers. He found through all his years of coaching that, to the degree you inspire and increase passion, the less marketing skill is needed. Pure passion is the fuel for booming practices, hands down, as Frank expressed in his solo episode 35, “Passion Is the Best Marketing Campaign”

Currently Frank coaches his self-developed, scriptless Screening and Lecture technology and also ghostwrites books and blocks as well as authors several publications and blogs. In addition to hosting Will Work 4 Patients, he started a second podcast called “Road Rants with Frank Sardell” which is a short, 10-min episode podcast with rants on various subjects about the profession… Still inspiring, this is slightly more “tough love” in nature but is still targeted toward inspiring doctors.

Frank still forges forward in his mission to reach everyone and stimulate their innate.