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Episode 27: Speak the F*^% Up (Guilty Bystander)

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If You Don’t Speak Up About Atrocities That Are Happening in ‘Healthcare’, You Are a Guilty Bystander!

What Frank describes as a “sequel” to the last episode (Put Up or Shut the F*^% Up) turns out to be one of the most passionate in this series. Frank further invites the “victims” he referred to in the last episode to kindly unsubscribe and go do the something else they wish to do passionately. Here is a call to action and warning against doing nothing in the face of “mainstream medicine and pharma” BS being jammed down the public’s throat, in Frank’s “step-it-up” style which requires an “explicit lyrics” label in iTunes. Find out what three types of health-related groups are out there, which one is the most evil of all and which is the one you should be part. Learn how to pick up the slack for the guilty bystanders out there, a responsibility that could just boom your practice. Join Frank for an inspiring episode that will leave you wind blown and revitalized!

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