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Episode 45: Potent Text Conversations With Patients w/ Jim Higgins

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Jim Higgins, practice growth entrepreneur, evolved from a patient to a patient outreach tech specialist!

Jim Higgins went from being a patient to becoming a leader in patient relationship management automation, and now his innovations helped doctors reach 80 million patients to date, increase kept appointment rates, diminish missed appointments and no-shows by more than 50% and even forecast the future of patient interaction.

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“All ships rise when the tide comes in, and that means patients and providers”-JH

Tune in and listen to Frank’s epic interview with Jim Higgins of SolutionReach patient relationship management.

Whether you automate or not, you are engaging in patient relationship management, even if poorly!

Even if you never automate with software, you still need to manage patient relationships through communication. With today’s drastically-changed set of communications platforms, from texting to social media, people have changed the way they interact with friends, loved ones, businesses, and you too. So, you need to learn how to navigate patient communication in this new age. Hear, first hand, from a leader in patient relationship management solutions, how to survive.

“Thank you for taking your message out and making practices better. It’s pretty exciting because this is all part and parcel of us all making it better, healthy practices, healthy patients, it’s exciting to see that rise and it gets the momentum going and it’s just really cool to be involved in.” – Jim Higgins

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Learn more about what Frank has been calling “The Salvation of Chiropractic Profession and Marketing” in these resources which include perks and freebies Frank is giving away in conjunction with the product:
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Jim Higgins-800wC-tallAbout Jim Higgins

While most WW4P guests are practice growth entrepreneurs in their own right, many of their companies do not reside in a corporate headquarters just outside of Salt Lake City Utah, with a custom-designed 150,000 sq ft building, have 750 employees and growing, and have gotten rave reviews, not only for their products and innovations, but for being a pretty cool place to work and a top-rated employer.

Jim Higgins, who helped develop Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the earliest beginings of, started back in Y2K with an idea of making a better engagement, communication and connection with patients. He was quoted in an interview as having said that his goal had to do with changing the relationship between the provider and patient. And, surprisingly, this was driven not by in-clinic experience, a platform from which so many companies design, but from the patient experience with some things that happened pretty close to home.

Named one of the best companies to work for, back in 2013, his company, CEO, Jim Higgins has guided steady product and company growth.

Utah Business magazine called his company a “leader in patient relationship management solutions” This platform reaches and maintains correspondence with, as of 2017, an estimated 80 million patients nationwide and growing, including use by over 100,000 healthcare professionals and 25, 000 practices.

Jim claims to have launched the company to help support practices with the common, yet costly problem of patient no-shows, a problem often discuss often on the show, in Frank’s coaching calls and even casual conversations, constantly. Since Y2K, Jim has innovated and guided the direction of his company using the latest technology to meet all the patient relationship management needs of practices.