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Episode 5: How to Hire, Motivate & Pay Marketing CA’s

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The war is over! Hiring Chiropractic Marketing Assistants just got simplified!

There has been a war going on between doctors of Chiropractic and Marketing CA’s, a long-standing one of bonus, qualification and value. All of these have been bones of contention between doctor and marketing staff, that is, until today. This is the podcast episode that broke it opened and spawned the manual that changed it all: Frank’s definitive “How to Hire, Motivate and Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants”

Practice marketing dilemma solved, simply and effectively, without breaking the bank!

Join Frank as he discusses the war, the confusion surrounding it, as well as the various ways and means of handling it, all while finding your way out of harms way in terms of compliant marketing. For, previous attempts at paying marketing assistants have been in violation of compliance rules and law too! Now you can find out, not only how to remedy it, but to avoid it altogether.

Join Frank as he fills you in on all you need to know about venturing out to have others do the marketing work for you in your practice, from how to hire them to how to pay them, and keep them motivated and producing too, in volume that YOU decide!

Here is an excerpt of the Prologue from the book…


Why you need to read this book ESPECIALLY if you don’t think you need to.

Even if you don’t think you’ll ever need an assistant or even want one, even if you don’t see a use for one, even if you think it’s impossible to find one, there is one thing for certain you will need to know anyway: Your practice growth depends upon what is in this book.
For whom is this book written? It is written especially for the owner of your practice, the one who put you through chiropractic school, the one who desired to help others instead of keeping all the correct information on wellness for personal use only. It is for the one who desires to make a chiropractic world, or at least a chiropractic community. It is written for the chiropractor who owns a practice and wants to see it grow. And, of course, for those who want to create a “wellness-based practice” above all else. Yes, this book is written for you, the one I am in this to help, the one who deserves a hand.

The reason for this work is simple. The author has discovered a vital block to practice prosperity and has found some of the most affluent and fruitful practices losing out on a potential volume of which even THEY never dreamed, while smaller practices find it difficult to break the 50-100 visit mark. It is a block so sinister, it puts a limiter on your expansion potential, and is the single reason why practices stay small, even the ones driven by docs who “don’t wish to be huge” who yet themselves can experience “dry spells” at their lower volumes.

Why should you read this book? There are two key factors that are paramount:

– Every practice owner needs to market to spark growth
– Delegation is necessary to any significant growth whatsoever

When an entrepreneur starts to promote a product, he works tirelessly and alone to get things moving. He builds a network, piece-by-piece, to form a foundation for volume and starts to see gradual increase. He sets up a “funnel” and begins to fill it with prospects. As in any growth scenario, there comes a point where he can only do so many actions and experiences a decrease in ability to promote as he is now busy delivering, distributing and running the organization. In fact, marketing his product is only about 15% of what is needed to be done to run the entire show. On a small scale and in the beginning, it is not so obvious. Add volume and you start to see an entirely new problem, altogether.

What does this have to do with you? Well, what you studied in chiropractic school is but 15% of what is required of you to run a practice. At best, it is 30%. That means you were left to discover 70-85% on your own. That’s why you seek coaching, advice and direction from others.

But, let’s assume you have all of that covered. What you need to know now is how to work in abundance, operate in volume and create growth. To do so requires a natural shedding of certain duties which take up an abundance of your time. Marketing promotes practice growth when done right. And this is what successful practices have found.

This is actually the entire reason I am where I am today. I started out with a desire to help others, many others, find chiropractic. My first opportunity was with a large chain of clinics which had expanded to proportions requiring assistance to run. No practice can expand to any great volume without marketing actions being turned over to another.

You may not have realized it but, you are an entrepreneur. The minute you had an idea to practice on your own, to do more than associate, you inherited this title.

While no particular “magic handling” will necessarily boom any practice, with problems to practice growth several in number, and while the overall aggregate of smaller issues handled is what makes the big changes, allow me to offer that this particular block, isolated, can be circumvented and even eliminated to the result of improved effectiveness of and return from marketing efforts. In other words, this one is HUGE!

Please don’t believe anything I say. This is a tenet in my coaching about which I am very vocal with my clients. All I ask is that you give these things a try and observe your personal result. That is all anyone can ask of you. You will find we will both agree to the degree you do that.
It is on this note that I offer to you the information in the chapters ahead and wish you all the best in their application to the betterment of yours as well as your patients’ prosperity in your pursuit to contributing your share to this profession we all get up every morning to so enthusiastically serve.

A major stunt to your growth ends here.

Have fun applying!

Write to to get your copy of the book!