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Episode 31: Hiring Chiropractic Assistants (CA’s) That Don’t Flake with Monika Sardella

Listen to “e31 Hiring CA’s That Don’t Flake” on Spreaker.

Monika Sardella on How to Eliminate the Perpetual Revolving Door of Hiring and Firing CA’s

Frank digs deep into the subject with his wife Monika, a former personnel director and call center manager for a 70+ staff, MD/DC practice, and asks the hard questions about this touchy and sensitive practice conundrum. Monika shares her wealth of knowledge, experience, downturns and successes in hiring, problems and barriers she’s encountered and how she has gotten around issues to hire the best candidates for the job. CA’s who are competent, compliant and who stick around? Not impossible according to Monika. Tune in for the whole story and to learn what you absolutely must know about Hiring CA’s that don’t flake!

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