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Episode 40: You Can Only Ride the Waves YOU Create – with @HollyRoseAshe

Listen to “e40 You Can Only Ride the Waves YOU Create – With @HollyRoseAshe” on Spreaker.

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800K Views, of Her Blog Article on How #BodyPositivity Is Killing Women, Without Even Trying, a Lesson For Wellness Advocates Everywhere!

Holly was overweight and worried, not about her looks, but about hear health and how she felt. In working diligently to get off the 10 meds she was on, exercise, eat healthier and finally lose weight and get fit, she became painfully aware of the #bodypositivity movement which she felt was celebrating obesity and encouraged poor health, especially in our youth. She spoke out in one blog article which got published in an online magazine and the views and comments skyrocketed to 80K views overnight and 10X’d to 800K within a week of that!

Check out the article that started all the buzz:

“The way people’s opinions are forming, the way we’re tiptoeing around certain things because of political correctness, I want to take that down…”

Holly’s mission is to use her writing to raise awareness and take down the political correctness shrouding the controversial subject of overweight, obesity and general unhealthy conditions. But it doesn’t end there. Her mission is two-fold and dual-purpose.

While she desires to improve the health and well-being of others she wishes to handle the most major barrier barring people from achieving it: free speech:

“You just need to not be scared and be honest and I think that’s the message we need to get towards people… If you just sat there and listened and actually gathered the facts and realized that people are saying things that are real and evidence-based and fact-checked you might have to say, do you know what, I’m wrong, and that’s something else I feel passionately about because we are losing our right to free speech because of it”

She goes on to conclude, “I want people to realize that sometimes we have to get tough and that’s it…”

In the interview Holly reveals how difficult a task this has been as, when you appear to be against something called #bodypositivity, it would seem you are from the opposite camp and are trumpeting “bodynegativity” which is SO not the case. She is speaking out against using the bodypositivity concept as a reason to do nothing about the state of health of the body and giving up on trying, and has nothing whatsoever to do with “supermodel beauty standards.

As to the wellness side of things, Holly goes on to say:

“A lot of people think, ‘well, this is my life now.’ What I want to try and do is to make people realize this is something that you can overcome because that’s what I’ve done. And, that’s what I think, all coming from me, is a lot easier to hear than if it was just coming from a health expert…

“Coming from me, it’s harder to argue against…”

After the interview, Holly wrote a follow-up article you can read here:

Tune in for Holly’s interview and hear from the souurce, what the actual method is to all the madness.

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