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Introducing Road Rants with Frank Sardella

RoadRantsCover10“One day my purpose was so SHOT, in desperation, I just ranted for 15 minutes on a recording and ‘Road Rants’ was born!

The news media, clients stuck in a rut, people talking smack about Chiropractic – sound familiar? Did you ever have a day like that? I rarely get them, surprisingly. You would think in my line of work I would have more. Nonetheless, they are rare. But, this one day, I walked out of the supermarket and I couldn’t take the feeling any more. So I did the only thing I know how to do: I got into “inspire others mode, hit “record” and started ranting for 15 minutes on health while driving home. And, when I was done, I not only felt so much better, I had a new show!

Necessity really IS the mother of invention!

I say that with a bullet! Nothing sparks innovation with me more than just getting out there and doing something – anything – letting it fly and seeing what happens. Often times things happen that you never would have though of in a planning stage. This is a lesson I teach to my clients. You have an idea? Just go ahead and launch it! Most often, that idea will fail but the right one will spawn off of it as a result. Here I was, frustrated and angry, and I took measures – any measures I could, despite being “on the road” and away from the studio. And now I have a show I am quite proud of that is going to offer even more inspiration to those docs and professionals who are desperate and frustrated, the ones I want to reach with WW4P. And, all they have to do is tune in and listen for 10-15 minutes. Then, everything will be okay – now and going forward too!

Also Subscribe to Road Rants with Frank Sardella as a Companion to WW4P

I encourage you to listen to both shows. This show is a different format and is very concise and to-the-point. Coupled with the interesting, inspirational and data-filled episodes of WW4P, here is free coaching no one should be without. Practice owner, associate or CA, these shows have what you need to supplement your coaching and marketing activities for ultimate practice growth.

Visit the ‘Subscribe’ page for instructions. Follow the instructions but search for “Road Rants with Frank Sardella” and you will find the show. I look forward to inspiring you on both platforms. You deserve all the help you can get!