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Episode 46: How Noelle Ward Got 8K Instagram Followers in 5 Months! @lifeskills4college

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You Can’t Outsource Your Passion, But You Can BRING IT! with Noelle Ward @lifeskills4college

Listen to Noelle Ward Tell You How She Went From Zero to 8K Instagram Followers!

Join Frank and special guest, Noelle Ward, a top Occupational Therapist and administrator turned entrepreneur, who blew up her Instagram, getting to 8K followers in 5 short months and starting an entire niche business with unlimited potential with expansion. Learn what it means to bring it for real in terms of bringing ALL of your passions to the table in growing your practice. Tune in now!

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“They have to know, like and trust that we can help them.

“Building that ‘know, like and trust factor’ brings down that barrier so that by the time they show up in your office, they’re ready for you”-Noelle Ward

Tune in and listen to Frank’s epic interview with Noelle Ward of @lifeskills4college

Tune in now, get inspired and learn!

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The story of Noelle Ward

Award winning business owner, occupational therapist and life skills coach, Noelle Ward has been teaching life skills for the past 20 years to diverse individuals of all ages and abilities, including clients, caregivers, employees and students.

She is currently the Director of Rehabilitation for the on of the largest home health care organizations in the U.S. where she is responsible for the clinical programs and quality of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services. She began her career in a Dallas chronic back pain clinic and spinal center. Later, she became a leader in the Spinal Cord Injury program at the Shepherd Center in Altanta, GA, a nationally recognized model center for catastrophic care, after which she became Director of Rehabilitation for an outpatient therapy clinic and 100-bed inpatient rehab center for a major Healthcare conglomerate.

Noelle has been a field instructor for several OT schools and Healthcare Management and Business programs, as well as an ongoing community partner and guest speaker for the University of Alabama at Birmingham Occupational Therapy School. She has been responsible for hundreds of employees and is an active mentor in her field.

Starting her entrepreneurial journey

She is also the founder of Life Skills 4 College, a company dedicated to teaching high school teens how to “adult” so they can crush their college experience. She is also the founder of the award-winning Life Labs* which offers local workshops to teach kids and teens skills for success that aren’t taught in school.

She believes that every child and teen deserves to be set up for success and that teaching these skills helps us all when they enter the workforce, ready to kick ass!

After completing her online courses (which include social media challenges where teens can win prizes) her students are ready to Manage Money, Make Money, Make Good Choices and Make the Grade.

She is married with 2 kids and loves hip-hop dance, scrapbooking and shopping at garage sales.

*Life Labs was voted the 2015 Alabama Enrichment Provider of the Year as voted by the community and presented by the Wish 2 Enrich organization.

Noelle 8K