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Episode 5: How to Hire, Motivate and Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants

That moment when chiropractic marketing is too much for you, the practice owner, to handle!

The first, and most natural action to do as you grow a practice is to delegate. It is an inevitable activity if any growth is to occur in any practice. You can only handle so much. Being a practice owner, the entrepreneur in charge of growing the practice, you have to do all of it yourself, despite having only learned your craft in school. So learning and operating marketing, billing and administration is a job in and of itself. At some point, each of these activities must, in turn, be delegated, especially marketing.

The episode that spawned my book “How to Hire, Motivate & Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants

Have you ever been backed off from or found difficult the locating and hiring process of Chiropractic Marketing Assistants? There are many reasons. Listen to the episode that inspired the book. Then reach out and get it.

Tune in and find out the real answer why and how to successfully hire and pay someone to get you all the prospective new patients you desire!

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