Episode 47: Corporate Employees Boom, 100-300 Visits w/ Dr Gary Fieber

Episode 47: Corporate Employees Boom, 100-300 Visits w/ Dr Gary Fieber

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Dr Gary Fieber is so much more than a 30-year, practice veteran who flooded his place with corporate employees, athletes, kids and families, expanding from 100 to 300 visits in a very short time. He is an innovator that took the time to understand the effects he created and delineate exactly what made them successful so as to make them able to be duplicated over and over, by any Chiropractor anywhere.

Tune in for what Frank called a “humdigner” of an episode.

Did you ever aspire to work with corporate employees?
How about sports teams? How about children?
What about tripling in size, or even growing just a little?

Join Frank and Dr Fieber as they tackle the issues of how posture relates to floods of corporate people, athletes and more funnelling into the practice, interested and ready to rock! Tune in now!

“To me, posture was such a significant part of, if you will, correcting these problems in Chiropractic offices,” comments Doc, “but it’s also a very significant, simple way for the patient to see the improvement.”

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