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Episode 44: How to Sculpt Your Dream Practice, Entrepreneur Meggie Jones @nutrientbodysculpt

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Sculpting Your Dream Practice, From A Thousand Square Feet to Ten Thousand!

Have you ever tried to grow to a million and not be able to reach a couple hundred thousand in collections? Did you ever wonder why you can’t grow past a certain volume no matter what you do? Were you puzzled when others seem to have it so easy? Well Frank’s guest grew her wellness practice from a thousand square ft to well over ten thousand and increased her income to between 800 thousand and a million a year.

“I think my therapy that would help me was helping other people…” says Meggie Jones

No, she’s not a chiropractor but ALL wellness professionals, Chiropractors included, can learn something from guest Meggie Jones about how your own desire to create a result can dictate the results themselves. Meggie has a booming practice in California that is now getting national media attention as her patented brainchild spreads like wildfire to interested people across the country, and has now expanded internationally as well – all despite what most would consider terrible disadvantages early on in life.

Her story of triumph is inspirational in and of itself and can show us all how overcoming obstacles is sometimes the biggest motivation there is

and teach us not to get hung up on them, but to thrive in spite of them. How would you like to learn how to overcome some adversity and set a few wildfires of your own? Well that’s what we’re going to take up today. So sit down. Stop doing other stuff. Knock off wondering and start listening and learning. Tune in now!

About today’s guest…

You know these people that just seem like they decide things and they happen? Meggie Jones is no stranger to that phenomenon.

Meggie attests that, if you knew the details of the earlier part of her life, you would bet that she was destined for failure. From dysfunctional family ties to being kidnapped, all before age 5, attaining the right to self-guardianship and even attending parent teacher conferences on her own behalf. But her troubles didn’t end there. Somehow, however, she got herself through high school against the odds and onto a different life than she had expected.

Even enduring a failing marriage, a failed suicide attempt and other unfortunate events, she emerged with two daughters who were part of what kept her striving, even through the trials and tribulations of getting through college studies in the medical field, with barely passing grades and even a dire illness.

Almost at the brink once again, she was shocked to find from her professor that she’d received the highest score in the class an event she said was the turning point in her life when she realized all she had been told as a child about amounting to nothing was a complete lie and that she could do anything.

“You can take a girl out of hospice, but you can’t take hospice out of the girl”

After years of self-deprecation, she acknowledged her value and the gifts, talents, and skills that she could contribute to humanity. Just a few short years later, by the time she was twenty-nine, she had gone into business and started an assisted-care facility that catered to hospice patients.

A new entrepreneur is born!

By thirty-six, Meggie had opened a day spa, with an investment of only $1,000, a sub-lease, and a month’s free rent. She made it happen. The spa grew from 1,000 to 7,000 square feet in three years. She later expanded the business to occupy 10,000 square feet. Now, she shares her success formula with other spa owners and service-based providers and is building a business that will support many of her philanthropic desires to help young women. A truly inspiring story in and of itself.

Meggie is now helping wellness professionals around the world ride the wave of international media attention she is generating and is offering her time to speak about how to do it.

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