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Episode 38: Success Through Innovation and a Killer Back Story with Lauren and Adam Benbassat

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Adam and Lauren Benbassat Share Their Story, Go From Solving Their Own Workday Nutritional Issues to Selling an Amazing Product, Mele, to Corporate Employees

A truly inspirational and entrepreneurial story about two corporate executives, one an attorney, who had a problem: there was no quick nutritional solution to meet the demands of a busy, stressful NYC workday. Researching to solve the problem, Mele was born, a product that is nutritional, healthy and perfect for corporate employees. Adam and Lauren have branded and marketed their product, selling it to the corporate demographic, finding their way into corporations to enlighten employees and attracting the attention and interest of HR. All of this in only a few months after the product was launched. Join Frank, Lauren and Adam for this compelling interview where they discuss the necessity of having an amazing product that fulfills an actual, perceived need and a killer back story to go along with it. Here is a bona fide success story and a lesson for practice owners everywhere who are interested in attracting corporate and other demographics as patients and clients. Tune in now!

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