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Episode 1: Chiropractors Saved My Life!

The pivotal, maiden voyage episode of WW4P that started all the trouble!

Hey, it’s Frank Sardella and, before I started saying “I’m Frank Sardella and I’m SO happy to be with you here today in our podcast show…”, I had to get on the air and just tell my story. It was important to me to tell you what I am about, why I do what I do, what my goals and aspirations are with Chiropractic and wellness advocacy, and what I intend to accomplish through my show.

What I got from this episode was not just attention but something else much more surprising and way unexpected: I learned some things about myself I hadn’t realized fully prior.

Sometimes listening to yourself talk is just the ticket. I highly recommend it!

Telling my story did a number of things. It got me fired up and inspired – not that I wasn’t already – but it fanned the original flame. It also made me realize and appreciate how far I’ve come and how mnay people I have helped so far find the same miracles as did I. And, finally, it made me realize that I did have a ton to contribute to this profession, important enough to move forward as this would help me achieve my ultimate aims.

If you want to know why you should tune in and listen, listen to this episode!

Tune in now and hear my story, told by me, w ith no frills, no format, no theme music. Just me and a microphone and my decades of experience since discovery of my innate intelligence.

Find out more about your host, Frank Sardella here.