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When Speaking Out Will Piss People Off!

If you get anything out of episode 40, please take this to heart…

With great power comes great responsibility, and you have the greatest power available in health and wellness care anywhere, but it doesn’t end there. You even greater responsibility is to tap yourself, your true purpose and passion, and bring all of you

I just finished reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s first book “

    Why Now Is the Time to Crush It!

” and my foremost takeaway from the book, as well as why I follow his videos, is his dedication to staying true to himself and his views, no matter the effects and waves he creates. It is THAT which makes him successful at making people’s lives better, a fact to which he attests. And this is what will make you do same. I have always maintained that.

I reference you to episode 26 of the show “Put Up of Shut the F Up”

This was me coming out with my true passion for this and the podcast, my coaching and my results were forever changed. I wish for you to have the same.

Create those waves and ride them to success and you will find the type of overnight success you always imagined will happened.

Just realize that “overnight” is only apparent. There is a ton of work that goes into it.

My episode 40 guest, Holly Ashe and I have massive back stories with experiences, good, bad and otherwise, as do you. But, you’d be surprised how much of a back story you have endured too. You have probably put in the time and effort that goes along with success. It’s time for your success to activate overnight. Isn’t it high time you cashed in?

Please listen to episode 40 and follow Holly on Twitter (@hollyroseashe) to get inspired to do what you do as a wellness provider and reach out with what is right no matter the backlash you receive. Holly wasn’t afraid to mention something people weren’t ready to here, all in the name of help. Sound familiar? Get inspired to do the same and figure out what you should be saying.

Don’t worry about pissing people off. Just maintain the desire to help people find wellness. They will respect you in the end. This is the stuff of which real heroes are made!