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Episode 26: Put Up or Shut the F*^% Up!

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Ironically published on Valentines Day, in this tough-love “prequel” to Episode 27, “Speak the F*^% Up! (Guilty Bystander), Frank is totally fired up about how fed up he is with what he called “practice victims” who are complaining constantly and wallowing in despair over their practice situation. Here is an episode he intends to jumpstart the motivatable and release the uncoachable, even recommending that they not only please, stop listening to this show and unsubscribe, but go and find a profession that makes them truly happy. Join Frank as he turns up the intensity notches previously unknown and gets deep into the passion of what it takes to expand and grow practices for real. Earning the “explicit lyrics” indicator in iTunes, this one is a no-holds-barred episode, a major dose of “wake-up-and-get-motivated” and an “open can of whoop-ass” for those who have lost their passion, if momentarily. Not for the weak of heart or mind, Frank presents the full-on Episode 26, Put Up of Shut the F*^% Up!

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