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Episode 41: ROF: The Difference Between Relief-Seeking and Lifetime Patients with Dr Rob Marvenko, DC

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Dr Rob Marvenko, DC Tackles the tough issues on getting patients to pay, stay and pay it forward!

Join Frank while he interviews his special guest Dr Rob Marvenko, DC, for a compelling look at a master doctor’s report of findings in his expertise in creating lifetime patients who stay and refer. Tune in as Dr Rob explains the way to close solidly, in a way that produces corrective-care-complying, maintenance-care-accepting and lifetime-referring patients who exude wellness and advocacy for you and your practice.

Dr Rob Marvenko practiced for 2 decades and boomed his own practice into 7 figures and teaches other docs and professionals how to do same. He is a consultant now to help docs build a practice legacy with mega value for the eventual sale of the practice for a retirement profit.

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