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Solution Reach

The Power of Modern-Day Outreach, But Do You Really Need It?

Before you reach out, you need to know a few things about the product, including whether your office is suited for it or not. Fortunately, I have an unbiased opinion, and, while I have recommended it to most practicing professionals, there are a number of cases where I recommended against an immediate start-up. Knowing the industry and the ins and outs of practicing from my vast nearly 25 years experience, I am able to assess whether or not it will be practical. Before you inquire, ask me all about it. But, first, check out the above video if you haven’t already.

If that convinced you, not to buy, but to take the next step in finding out how EXACTLY this would fit YOUR practice scenario, specifically, click here to set up a product demo directly.

But, if that didn’t convince you to take the next step…

Read the article I wrote about it too…

Read the article I wrote about why I absolutely LOVE SolutionReach and why I am calling it “The Salvation of Chiropractic Marketing and the Profession” here.

I also interviewed the CEO of the company, Jim Higgins, tech genius and entrepreneur extraordinaire on WillWork4Patients. Tune in and listen to the interview, here, on the episode page.

I love it so much I am offering free perks just to consider, try and start using SR.

Check out MY FREE Perks for Considering, Trying and Using SolutionReach:

  • Free 1 month access to my Sunday Morning Hustle Group Coaching Call ($29 Value) – If you sign up and activate with SolutionReach to try it during their satisfaction period, I will give you access to my weekly group coaching call for a month. This is normally $29 for the trial month but you get 4 Sunday calls, with replay on-demand, free!
  • Free 3 months access to my Sunday Morning Hustle Group Coaching Call ($240 value) – Activate and stay beyond your satisfaction period with SR and you will get 3 more months of the Sunday Morning Hustle group coaching calls FREE. That’s right, 13 Sundays of coaching for free!
  • Free Marketing Investment and Lost Income Analysis ($250 value) – How efficient is your practice marketing? Well it’s keeping you at the level you’re at now. This analysis shows where you are not only losing money, but what money you are “losing” that you haven’t even earned yet, but could have. Find out what you are wasting and what you should be strengthening. This is yours free for signing up, activating and trying SR for the satisfaction period.
  • Free Strategic Marketing and Practice Goals Attainment Plan ($1000 value) – a companion to the Marketing Investment and Lost Income Analysis, this is the strategic plan to reach your practice goals. If your current marketing plan is keeping you where you are, what marketing will get you to where you want to go? This is the answer and the roadmap to get you there, to the volume of patient visits and/or income that you wish you could achieve. Now you can! Just activate and try SR for the entire satisfaction period and its yours!
  • Free 3 months of Chiropractic and wellness newsletter content (up to $595 value)  – SR has a great newsletter function and here is some custom content from veteran Chiropractic marketer and ghost writer, Frank Sardella for you to include in your emailings. This is yours with an activation and staying beyond your satisfaction period.

Three Ways You Can Reach Out to Find Out More and Assess Your Potential Gains

First, you can always check it out directly and compare it to your current practice scenario, getting a prediction of what to expect in terms of fast and direct results. All you need to do is click here to set up a product demo directly.

Secondly, you can schedule a 15-minute mini-consult call directly with me if you want to speak with a third party, someone who doesn’t work directly with SR. Click the button below and pick a date and time to speak:
Schedule Appointment

Or just contact me now at or call/text directly at (845) 857-9418 to cash in on the perks and get some free advice on using SR to boom your practice growth!