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Why This Screening Expert Believes SolutionReach Is the Salvation of Chiropractic Marketing and the Profession

Salvation is a serious word, not to be taken lightly, but I truly think SolutionReach can rival any Chiropractic Marketing, because I’ve seen it!

As of 2017, I have been working in chiropractic for 22 years and counting. I have seen and experienced it all, inside and outside of practices and have become a screening and practice marketing expert. along the way, I have seen many attempts to help Chiropractors with practice expansion and growth. I too have developed many programs to do so. There are many marketing and administration tools available, too many to consider at one sitting. Part of the reason is not because of their abundance, but the fact that a proper evaluation of the true problem has not been done. In most cases, the practice owner can’t figure out why chiropractic marketing won’t work, why there is difficulty with patient retention, and why reactivation is non-existent. With a good assessment done, with correct problems spotted and established, it becomes clear which tools would work and which would not. But even then, some due diligence is in order.

SolutionReach, seems to fit the bill across the boards, however, and be a bit of the exception to the rule, and it even has built-in evidence that it works and increases practice income. Never have I seen anything as effective as this, dramatically reduce no-shows and missed appointments, markedly increase kept appointments and reactivate volumes of inactive patients. It is for these and many other reasons that I believe Solution Reach to be the salvation of Chiropractic practices everywhere and why I endorse it more than any other product.

Overview of and my experience with SolutionReach for better practice stats

In a nutshell, my wife, Monika, was managing a busy MD-DC practice of about 80 staff. In addition to her HR duties, she supervised and managed a call center and screening team. Unbeknownst to me, she was using a software product in the offices which did text and email confirmation and a few other functions. Had I known that they were using it, I would have been disinterested as several of my clients said they were using this product, none of whom raved about or even brought it up at all. Results seemed mediocre at best and clients wouldn’t brag about it any more than they would brag about their office phone system or fax machine. Just another admin tool of sorts. Then she came home one night excited.

I should mention she doesn’t get too overly excited about anything. So, naturally, I was intrigued. She said, “you HAVE to check out this new product I plugged in at the office called ‘SolutionReach’ and you are going to LOVE it and want to export it to all your clients.” She had me watch a 50 minute video on it. It only took 5 minutes for me to draw my conclusion. I asked her if this really worked the way it said. She then went on to tell me all the results she was getting, of night-and-day comparison to the other product (again, which I didn’t even know they were using), and my eyes got even wider (if that was even possible).

I said, “This is the product I have been waiting for my entire career. It’s the salvation of the Chiropractic profession!”

And, let me tell you, I meant it!

Forget missed appointments. How about patient retention like never before?

I couldn’t believe the patient retention aspects. With military-grade encryption, and being the only software of its kind that is HIPAA compliant (in fact it is only for use by medical professionals, so no spa’s, vets, etc) it plugs into your existing practice management system (some compatibility is required) and supercharges it to create contact with patients like never before. Appointment reminders by text, email and voice, VIDEO birthday messages which can be uploaded and keyword infused on YouTube, and even the capacity to turn your office number into a two-way texting medium, this is proven to reduce missed appointments and monetarily boost practice stats. Those frustrating missed appointments are now kept and even two-way correspondence is possible. The features get better and better.

Skyrocket patient reactivation

Okay, I have to be honest. This is the feature that really sold me. In fact, if SR got no other result than this, it would be more than worth the investment! No joke. Why? Let me tell you.

My wife was running a 4-6 staff call-center. They had downsized to 4 and were operating with as low as 2 callers. As for reactivated former patients, they were doing 2 reactivations on a good week. When Monika plugged in SR, she ran it independently of the call center, essentially competing with them. The results were immediate. She was able to achieve a steady 16 per week by only using a minority of features, blowing the call center away. Enough said. She had me at “16”!

Think about it. The average chiropractic office is seeing 100-150 visits. This is not bodies. Most of the bodies are treated more than once per week. So we’re talking 50-75 actual patients. Divide that number by the total number of patient records and the average office is only treating about 2-5% of their total, historic patient population, give or take. That’s CRAZY!! Don’t take my word for it. Do the math in your practice. You will be SHOCKED!

Makes money and shows you how much

Another very impressive feature is the ROI tracking. Down to the last dollar, it shows you it is making money. You can actually log in to a control panel for each and every feature and track the progress and stats of what has been occurring, including how much revenue it equates to. This is quite an aggressive tracking feature and really shows you how much money you are making from it. In fact, I overheard a doc saying one time that he couldn’t disconnect it because he is making too much money from it.

Catch negative ratings before they hit the internet, get great reviews and boost Search Engine Optimization too!

We all look for better online presence these days, and we all know (and have experienced) the diverse effects of negative reviews. Well, here is something absolutely awesome.

The survey function on this bad boy allows you to get feedback from patients via surveys, the results of which can be pushed out to the internet review sites and social media too! But, guess what? When you get a bad review via survey, you have caught it in time to handle it, rectify the situation and save a bad review. So you push all the great reviews to the net, while heading off bad ones at the pass before they fester into an all-out situation. And we all know how much we hate those!

This helps your SEO tremedously as you know. Additionally, the function where you can send birthday videos to patients allows you to post those videos to YouTube and optimize them, not to mention patients who are blown away by them, sharing them on social! This is practically an SEO explosion. And, talk about modern-day word-of-mouth! It’ll even suggest times to text those videos when people are most likely to be among friends and colleagues to have them watch too! This is just insane communinty relations!

Partnerships with Health Grades, Care Credit and Uber!

What? When I was told about these, it just put it over-the-top. Think of the possibilities. In the wake of talking about online presence, Health Grades alone can boost your presence and credibility. SEO gets a boost too. Uber? Are you kidding? Wow. What patients do you have now who will benefit?

So, Care Credit features include something totally awesome. How would you like the ability to see if a person has a previous Care Credit account that has funds available? With SolutionReach, now you can. Many patients don’t even know they have the funds available. Imagine finding 1500 bucks laying around that can pay for a care plan. How cool is that?

Superiority of SolutionReach over other products

Ask any SolutionReach territory rep about the product and they all use the same word: robust. I will be honest; I make fun of the lot of them for using it so much. But, after being around the product for a while, I can see why. It is aggressive from day 1 on how it produces, but not in its approach to your patient base. Patients, rather, receive what they consider ideal and appropriate communication. You know what I’m talking about, right? How you can call a patient and get their voicemail, hang up and text them and they respond. It’s just how things are done nowadays. It’s immediate communication, two-ways, and HIPAA compliant too? That’s insane.

And, nothing rivals it. While some practice management software reportedly “does all that”, including some of the top brands, feature-for-feature, there is no contest. One scheduled demo of the product with a local rep will show you. The possibilities are near endless. In fact, other products in this category, not designed around medical, pale in comparison. Again, side-by-side it becomes clear. And my wife dumped one of the more popular ones in pursuit of SolutionReach, and loved it so much, she joined the company! So it’s features are unsurpassed…

But, you can’t make me use the word “robust”… I just won’t do it!

Assessing honestly whether SolutionReach is right for you

Okay, so it’s time to get honest. By the time this article hits the streets, undoubtedly, SolutionReach reps will be exporting it to Chiropractors, and rightfully so. With an endorsement like this, who could resist? In fact, you may be reading it because of a rep’s recommendation that you hear what a Chiropractic Marketing expert thinks. But, realize, I made an honest assessment of the product before endorsing it. Sure, I referred docs to sign up right away and, of course, I talked it up. But I took a full year before coming out with this level of endorsement. I do this with all my partners. SolutionReach stood the Frank Sardella test of time. And, though my superpower is Chiropractic Screenings and practice promotion, my knack is for honesty and non-bias when it comes to assessing the needs of every Chiropractor I meet.

I will be honest, I have told a few docs not to use this product just now. But, I wasn’t shy about telling them what they need to do to handle their current practice scene, as well as what preparatory steps to DEFINITELY work up to and start using SR in their practice. I even told one of my clients to invest $12K in premium practice management software that is compatible with SR, and that it would be totally worth the investment, with countless ROI. And I stick to that.

So, I suggest you reach out to me and contact me about it, before pressing start. Get a demo of the product for sure. Let a rep come and give you the works. They will even buy you lunch! But, feel free to discuss it with me and I will give you my honest opinion based on your real circumstances.

And, if there are any doubts whatsoever, I will give you my $250 Marketing Investment and Lost Income Analysis for free. That’s how much I believe you should consider and make provisions to start using this. It is the best practice growth tool I have ever seen!

I became an SR partner and even got my wife to join the company!

My first meeting with my local territorial rep, and his regional manager, was scheduled for an hour and went over two hours. I couldn’t get enough of the possibilities with this amazing software and wanted to discuss every angle of how I would corner the market for Chiropractors on treating ALL the peoples of their respective communities, and annihilating their competition: medical and pharama. I believed in it so much that, when I got a call from the regional manager a few months later looking for help finding someone to take over the local territory, I asked her to PLEASE speak to my wife and convince her. She knew the product inside and out, boomed the stats and raves about the product constantly. She has been working there ever since and I have never seen her happier. When you use the product, you will see why.

Staff flake out, take sick days and quit. SolutionReach NEVER does!

Think about SR, side-by-side with a human call center. There was no contest. That was when they were on the job. As you know, staffing issues are at an all-time high level of annoying. And there is less and less we can do about it. SR is not subject to any of that, does not give you any flack or backtalk, does EXACTLY what you tell it to do, makes you money, and costs you less per month than one week of a semi-full-time salaried employee. Who wouldn’t love that?

Speaking of veteran staff members, who actually are worth the weight they pull, this does not replace them, but frees them up for more income-producing and efficiency-creating actions. My wife ran HR in addition to the call center, and this freed up time tremendously to do the things that slip through the cracks because there is simply no time. So, there is no worry on the part of key staff to be replaced. They will have an easier time of things and be less stressed, and will be able to do more practice-growing activities, vital ones you only hoped could be accomplished.

This, in my opinion, is a gift to veteran staff, a reward, and a tool to make them more efficient and productive.

I love it so much I am offering to help you for free

Admittedly, I’m biased. No, not because my wife works for the company. After all, I got her to take a job there. It was my suggestion. No, I am actually biased because she had me sold on one feature and I, quite literally, had to research all these other features, but quite after the fact of having become a partner. I have been in the industry long enough, and kept a watchful enough eye out, that I knew I would immediately know it when I saw it, and I did! SolutionReach is it! I am so excited to bring it to my clients, podcast listeners, blog readers, friends, colleagues and associates. This is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. And I can’t talk about it enough.

So, I am offering several perks for you to try the product and start implementing and using it to grow your practice to meet and exceed your practice goals. Here they are;

  • Free Huffington Post Article: Get an article written about you and your practice in the prestigious Huffington Post, just for scheduling and sitting through an entire demo of SR in your office.
  • Free 1 month access to my Sunday Morning Hustle Group Coaching Call ($29 Value) – If you sign up and activate with SolutionReach to try it during their satisfaction period, I will give you access to my weekly group coaching call for a month. This is normally $29 for the trial month but you get 4 Sunday calls, with replay on-demand, free!
  • Free 3 months access to my Sunday Morning Hustle Group Coaching Call ($240 value) – Activate and stay beyond your satisfaction period with SR and you will get 3 more months of the Sunday Morning Hustle group coaching calls FREE. That’s right, 13 Sundays of coaching for free!
  • Free Marketing Investment and Lost Income Analysis ($250 value) – How efficient is your practice marketing? Well it’s keeping you at the level you’re at now. This analysis shows where you are not only losing money, but what money you are “losing” that you haven’t even earned yet, but could have. Find out what you are wasting and what you should be strengthening. This is yours free for signing up, activating and trying SR for the satisfaction period.
  • Free Strategic Marketing and Practice Goals Attainment Plan ($1000 value) – a companion to the Marketing Investment and Lost Income Analysis, this is the strategic plan to reach your practice goals. If your current marketing plan is keeping you where you are, what marketing will get you to where you want to go? This is the answer and the roadmap to get you there, to the volume of patient visits and/or income that you wish you could achieve. Now you can! Just activate and try SR for the entire satisfaction period and its yours!
  • Free 3 months of Chiropractic and wellness newsletter content (up to $595 value)  – SR has a great newsletter function and here is some custom content from veteran Chiropractic marketer and ghost writer, Frank Sardella for you to include in your emailings. This is yours with an activation and staying beyond your satisfaction period.

This is it! All the perks are there, some for just considering SR. This is how much I know you will get results with the product and how you will absolutely LOVE it.

Want a 100 visit increase, to boloster income from $150K to $1.5 mil? Well, only you can do it, but, you need a tool that will do it, and won’t quit on you. Any one of the SolutionReach features and functions can create a bigger boom than you have ever seen. My wife only plugged in a few to create the growth that she did within a few days of starting.

But, even if it is uncertain, consult with me, discuss your situation and let me give you my honest assessment. If I truly don’t think you would benefit at this time, I will let you know, however, I will tell you how to change your situation so you can have it work for you. After all, SolutionReach IS the salvation of Chiropractic Marketing and IS the tool I believe to take us to the heights we have deserved, to take our true place in wellness.

You are one demo away from actually attaining practice goals and beyond!

If you would like to speak with me personally about SolutionReach, please contact me at You may also call me directly or hit me up with a text at (845) 857-9418. Don’t get a demo without insisting on all my freebie perks either. They’re awesome!

Also, visit my SolutionReach Partner page to watch a video of me speaking about the product and what it can do for you. I’ve seen 800% increases and beyond!

So excited for you!!!

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