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Subscribe to the show from your phone, computer or device here! This episode is brought to you by: DC Marketing Products and their amazing Chiropractic Online Review Videos Schedule a FREE* Chiropractic Online Review Video (*first-time videos only) Nutrient Body Sculpt Wellness Patient Creation Modality and Revenue Stream Visit the Nutrient Body Sculpt Partner Page You Can’t Outsource Your Passion, But You Can BRING IT! with Noelle Ward @lifeskills4college Listen to Noelle Ward Tell You How She Went From Zero to 8K Instagram Followers! Join Frank and special guest, Noelle Ward, a top Occupational Therapist and administrator turned entrepreneur, who blew up her Instagram, gettingRead More →


Today, I have no article for you. No advice. No news. Not today. For today is Thanksgiving… …and I find myself sitting here having a revelation about how thankful I am to be connected with you and working together to forward such a meaningful purpose, one in which I have such a personal stake. Lest I forget what it all means to me, I wish to share with you how truly grateful I am in a few words of gratitude. Though I know not everyone I reach is celebrating an official day of thanks today, it is never inappropriate to pause and give thanks forRead More →

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I recently screened thousands of corporate employees, and I’m sharing with you these secrets I have discovered! I have screened thousands of people over the last several decades, finding out countless details about people, what they suffer from and what their attitudes are about the whole thing. Though I mostly do coaching and podcasting, I have always prided myself on experience-based methods. This is why I keep up with the screenings to this day. In addition to being a staunch advocate of Chiropractic, it allows me to stay relevant by always knowing what’s up with working people in the now. And, I can tell you, peopleRead More →


Out of my endless screening stories, I have to say, almost getting punched in the face was the most memorable! I have been everywhere to screen prospects, in some of the oddest places, meeting some of the most interesting people! But, seldom have I met anyone quite like this guy: the guy who almost punched me in the face! I am not exaggerating. I truly believed this guy was about to haul off and sock me in the jaw. As always, however, it was a learning experience. I took from it what I could to forward my progress of research into how to create qualityRead More →


This episode is brought to you by DC Marketing Products Dr Rob Marvenko, DC Tackles the tough issues on getting patients to pay, stay and pay it forward! Join Frank while he interviews his special guest Dr Rob Marvenko, DC, for a compelling look at a master doctor’s report of findings in his expertise in creating lifetime patients who stay and refer. Tune in as Dr Rob explains the way to close solidly, in a way that produces corrective-care-complying, maintenance-care-accepting and lifetime-referring patients who exude wellness and advocacy for you and your practice. Dr Rob Marvenko practiced for 2 decades and boomed his own practiceRead More →


Listen to “e31 Hiring CA’s That Don’t Flake” on Spreaker. The war is over! Hiring Chiropractic Marketing Assistants just got simplified! There has been a war going on between doctors of Chiropractic and Marketing CA’s, a long-standing one of bonus, qualification and value. All of these have been bones of contention between doctor and marketing staff, that is, until today. This is the podcast episode that broke it opened and spawned the manual that changed it all: Frank’s definitive “How to Hire, Motivate and Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants” Practice marketing dilemma solved, simply and effectively, without breaking the bank! Join Frank as he discusses theRead More →

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That moment when chiropractic marketing is too much for you, the practice owner, to handle! The first, and most natural action to do as you grow a practice is to delegate. It is an inevitable activity if any growth is to occur in any practice. You can only handle so much. Being a practice owner, the entrepreneur in charge of growing the practice, you have to do all of it yourself, despite having only learned your craft in school. So learning and operating marketing, billing and administration is a job in and of itself. At some point, each of these activities must, in turn, beRead More →

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The pivotal, maiden voyage episode of WW4P that started all the trouble! Hey, it’s Frank Sardella and, before I started saying “I’m Frank Sardella and I’m SO happy to be with you here today in our podcast show…”, I had to get on the air and just tell my story. It was important to me to tell you what I am about, why I do what I do, what my goals and aspirations are with Chiropractic and wellness advocacy, and what I intend to accomplish through my show. What I got from this episode was not just attention but something else much more surprising andRead More →