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I recently screened thousands of corporate employees, and I’m sharing with you these secrets I have discovered! I have screened thousands of people over the last several decades, finding out countless details about people, what they suffer from and what their attitudes are about the whole thing. Though I mostly do coaching and podcasting, I have always prided myself on experience-based methods. This is why I keep up with the screenings to this day. In addition to being a staunch advocate of Chiropractic, it allows me to stay relevant by always knowing what’s up with working people in the now. And, I can tell you, peopleRead More →

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Subscribe to the show from your phone, computer or device here! This episode is brought to you by: DC Marketing Products and their amazing Chiropractic Online Review Videos Schedule a FREE* Chiropractic Online Review Video (*first-time videos only) Nutrient Body Sculpt Wellness Patient Creation Modality and Revenue Stream Visit the Nutrient Body Sculpt Partner Page Jim Higgins, practice growth entrepreneur, evolved from a patient to a patient outreach tech specialist! Jim Higgins went from being a patient to becoming a leader in patient relationship management automation, and now his innovations helped doctors reach 80 million patients to date, increase kept appointment rates, diminish missed appointmentsRead More →

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That moment when chiropractic marketing is too much for you, the practice owner, to handle! The first, and most natural action to do as you grow a practice is to delegate. It is an inevitable activity if any growth is to occur in any practice. You can only handle so much. Being a practice owner, the entrepreneur in charge of growing the practice, you have to do all of it yourself, despite having only learned your craft in school. So learning and operating marketing, billing and administration is a job in and of itself. At some point, each of these activities must, in turn, beRead More →