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You Can Talk the Talk But Can You Walk the Walk?

Frank’s Last Word from Episode 45 interview with SolutionReach CEO, Jim Higgins

Anyone can walk the walk, we all do in this profession, but can you talk the talk?

It’s more than just one of my clever show titles, now that you’ve heard Jim Higgins speak, isn’t it? Jim and I may be masters of communication with patients, new, current and former, and you may be the best practitioner this side of the profession, but without both in play in practice, the best of practitioners just leave patients to “fill in the blanks” for themselves.

Yes, spreading the word and communicating are just as important as diagnosis, therapy and treatment, but it doesn’t end there. It’s proper communication that is key. And, while what you’re saying is of utmost importance, how you say it has a greater impact.

After all, if you give the greatest speech ever written without the means to amplify it and be heard, did it ever happen?

Regardless of the innovations of Jim Higgins and SolutionReach, patient relationship management is a thing. Jim merely automated the process. What lies beneath is what powers it. And, that is basic patterns of interaction and communications in order to establish retention, reactivation, referrals and even recruitment. So you must understand how such relationships are forged, what communication to use and on what channels people will accept it. If you are outside those parameters, automated or not, you will not reach people.

Be more right than wrong, but learn from the wrong to be more right.

Keep the cadence with patent communication by establishing, not only relevance, but conveyance on accepted channels of communication and you will win. It may take a paradigm shift, as Jim mentioned, but it will all be worth it in the end, when you make the connections.

And take Jim’s advice, adopting the viewpoint of “I’m doing all of this for my patients” which he claims, breeds confidence. And, quite frankly, I agree with him. Don’t you?

Talk about responsibility to change how health care is delivered. We’ve been charged with that since day one.

Since the first adjustment was ever given. It carries over in this new day and age to how to communicate.

Get things within the proper context and start winning. Don’t leave it up to the patients.

Since when do patients fill in the blanks the way you want them to. You can reach out successfully and win. Just start communicating and watch it happen.