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A Day Off of Chiropractic Marketing to Give Thanks!

Today, I have no article for you. No advice. No news. Not today. For today is Thanksgiving…

…and I find myself sitting here having a revelation about how thankful I am to be connected with you and working together to forward such a meaningful purpose, one in which I have such a personal stake. Lest I forget what it all means to me, I wish to share with you how truly grateful I am in a few words of gratitude.

Though I know not everyone I reach is celebrating an official day of thanks today, it is never inappropriate to pause and give thanks for the things which truly inspire us and give our lives meaning. So, this message is universal.

Chiropractic care saved my life more than 20 years ago and I have never forgotten.

I made a commitment to help expand the profession by advocating it both personally and through others and I have not stopped. In fact, my resolve is more powerful than ever as I sit here writing this. I find myself this morning being truly inspired and I don’t want to keep it all for myself.

I have altered my protocol here to include chiropractic assistants, affiliate partners and even other professionals, all of whom I consider just as contributive to this cause. All have made some impact, even if by influencing and inspiring me.

Today I am thankful, not because of a saved life, not because of personal success, but because of the cooperative effort in which I am engaged with you.

After all, what fun is any of this without someone to high-five or fist bump when we win and turn to when we fall down, if momentarily? I am thankful because what happened to me two decades ago is more than just getting life back. It is giving it to others – to everyone. And it is this for which I am most grateful.

So, I want to share that gratitude with you to help inspire you. Its been a tough year and shaping up to be a tough decade ahead. I want you to know that I am with you. I am in all the way and I want to see you succeed so that we can give everyone we influence the same gift I was given so many years ago.

Though we may have hit the skids a number of times, let us not give up.

We are all here for each other. I don’t think this is paying it forward. I believe it is paying it in all directions possible.

There is a song on Disney’s “Zootopia” soundtrack, that I had heard and immediately downloaded. I am listening to it as I type this. It is called “Try Everything” by Shakira and it is very inspirational. There is a line in the song which goes like this:

“Birds don’t just fly, they fall down and get up…”

I am reminded that this resolve applies two-fold in my life and it is a lesson from which we can all learn. When I was searching for an answer that would allow me to see age 30, one thing was clear: I was not going to stop until I found some answer. And it led me to a Chiropractor. And that one connection changed my life.

How did it save my life?

It was not my body that received the maximum benefit. It was my attitude, viewpoint and belief structure.

It was my faith in myself that I could do anything. It taught me that everything is within your control and you can find a way to change anything – even your health. Think of what that means on the grand scale to, perhaps, an entire practice, a community, a city or nation.

That made me realize the second thing: that you can do something about those around you too. You can make a change in others and that is how you change the world. It isn’t just a cliche or a nice thing to say or consider. It’s real and there is a way to do it. It was there all along.

So there is the most significant mouthful this Thanksgiving Day. I am thankful for you and everyone else who shares this mindset, passion, purpose and resolve.

My message to you? THANK YOU for what it is you are doing to contribute to the forward motion of it all.

Even when you are “losing” for the moment, realize, collectively, we are winning.

And, like the song says (and I urge you to download it and listen to the words) “birds don’t just fly, they fall down and get up.” So if you have fallen recently – get up! If you can’t, simply extend your hand and realize that someone is here to extend one back. My purpose is to help any way I can and I am here for you and all.

I hope this will inspire you to not only be thankful, which I know you are, but to inspire others, even despite any misfortunes which you may have experienced along the way, however recent. These are mere obstacles and can be conqured. For the goal still awaits behind them.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And, thank you for all you do and have accomplished. It means everything!